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Answers to frequently asked questions

Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service, who will answer all your questions


Are the watches original?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and we understand why. Yes, all our watches are 100% original!

Designer watches have become quite popular in recent years and we are very proud to say that all of our watches are genuine and original. All come with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

You will receive a guarantee booklet / manual in the box and the watch comes in its original packaging. Many customers request serial numbers, but unfortunately there are few brands that we sell that use this system; for example Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs do not use serial numbers on any of their products. The fact that you have a guarantee on your watch is normally a sign that the watch is genuine. More information about warranty you will find here

Resizing of the watch

All watches with links include a number of which that are removable.

You can easily identify those which can be removed by the arrows on the inside of the strap. Unfortunately, it is only possible to make the strap smaller. It is not possible to order extra links than the ones that are already attached.

The resizing of the strap should always be performed by a qualified watchmaker. Find a watchmaker who sells watches of the same brand, as it sometimes requires certain knowledge and/or tools.

Keep in mind that watch straps that are made of ceramic are very sensitive to blows and can easily break if adjusted by an unqualified person, so always use a professional.

It is also a good ideato save the removed links. Remember that your right to return the product expires once your watch has been resized.

We do not cover the cost of resizing, however, we will give you 10 EUR credit on your next purchase. Just email a picture of the receipt to our support.

The battery has run out on my watch, what do I do?

The most common reason a watch slows down or has stopped altogether is that the battery has run out or will soon do so.

The warranty does not cover disposables such as the batteries, but we do offer 10 EUR on the next purchase if the battery runs out within the first year from receiving the package.

Refer to a watchmaker/repairer who sells the same brand, as it sometimes requires special tools to open the back of the watch in the event of a battery change. Promptly contact our customer service in order to inform us that you will go to the get the battery changed and then email a photo of the receipt in order to receive your 10 EUR credit.

One reason why a battery can run out on a newly purchased watch is because the battery had already been installed while being manufactured and ticks until it finally reaches the consumer. Sometimes a watch can be in stock for a while and sometimes it can simply be because the battery has just gone bad.

Of course, we check that each watch is in good functioning order before it is sent out, but sometimes the battery may have already started slowing down.

Ceramic Watches

Ceramic is a very scratch-resistant material and it retains its color and smooth surface much better than metal watches.

The material also gives the watch a more unique look. However, it is important to be gentle with your ceramic watch as it cannot handle hard shocks and blows like a metal or plastic watch.

Ceramic is a material that has been hardened in an oven, just like a porcelain plate and should therefore be handled with the same care.

There is no warranty from the manufacturer on ceramic bracelets and repairs can be costly, so be sure to handle your ceramic watch with care.

Care instructions for watches

We want you to experience the most possible satisfaction, beauty, functionality and longevity from your watch! Both inexpensive and more expensive brands contain fine mechanical parts and it is therefore important that you keep in mind the following points:

  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme conditions such as direct sunlight, extreme heat or extreme cold. Extreme heat or cold can cause the watch to malfunction and shorten battery life.
  • Avoid exposing watches to moisture if they are not marked with 10 or 20 ATM. Never use the pushbuttons or the crown when the watch is damp. If you get water or condensation inside, the watch should be inspected immediately by an authorized watchmaker. Even if the condensation appears to disappear, the components in the watch may already be damaged by this.

  • Condensation within the watch: Sudden temperature changes can cause negative pressure in the watch, which can cause condensation. If this happens, you can see liquid inside the glass. If the liquid is no longer visible, it does not mean that the humidity has disappeared. The watch must be sent to a watchmaker as soon as possible, who can open the watch and remove the moisture. The moisture can penetrate the movement itself and the watch can break. Not even watches marked with 10 or 20 ATM are protected against temperature changes. Condensation can occur, for example, if you go from minus degrees outdoors to high indoor temperatures or if you keep the watch in the bathroom while the shower is being used. Condensation is not necessarily a manufacturing defect, and the watch can therefore not always be returned. This is up to each individual manufacturer.

  • Avoid shocks and hits to the watch. Your watch is designed to withstand normal use. You should not sleep with the watch.

  • Avoid exposing your watch to perfume, soap or other chemicals that may cause damage. Damages may include discoloration, changes or other damage to the case, strap / band or other parts. Avoid using bracelets on the same arm as the watch, as this may cause scratches and unnecessary wear and tear of the crystal.

  • Avoid magnetic fields or static electricity that could damage the watch's mechanism. Normally, the watch is not affected by general household appliances such as TV, stereo etc.

  • Keep the watch clean. Clean it with a damp, soft cloth (only if it can withstand water). Rinse the watch after soaking in salt or chlorine water. The strap should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its appearance and reduce wear. Keep in mind that plated bracelets are more delicate than bracelets made of stainless steel. (See above.) Clean with a soft brush and mild soapy water. After all cleaning, wipe the watch dry with a dry soft cloth.

  • A leather strap is a natural product that is very sensitive to moisture, sweat, chemicals and wear. The strap has only a limited lifespan and must (even for hygienic reasons) be changed between 6-12 months depending on how often you use the strap. When replacing, the pins must also be checked or replaced.

  • A band that is made of stainless steel does not oxidize and does not normally need to be polished. It can be cleaned with a little soap and water. Keep in mind that your watch may not always withstand too much contact with water. Read about your watch's ability to withstand water before cleaning.

  • A band and watch that is plated must be cared for very carefully. A plated band is more fragile than a stainless steel band. Cleaning and handling with care is a must with all watches and bracelets. A plated bracelet must be cleaned very carefully. Intense rubbing obviously wears out the plated surface and will risk a reduction in the lifespan of your watch.
  • Improper handling and care is usually the reason why the metal becomes discolored.

  • A major problem for a small percentage of the population is that the skin can excrete substances that can cause metals to discolor. In a worst case senario, the jewelery will become discolored and unattractive within hours! Unfortunately, there is nothing one can do to prevent this from happening. Thankfully, most people do not experience this problem.

  • Changing the time and date on your watch should preferably not be done between 22.00 and 02.00 (this applies to watches with a date when it is 24 hours clockwork) as this can damage the mechanism inside the watch.

Watches with stones

Many designs are embellished with rhinestones. Some brands even have genuine diamonds. If so, the watch comes with a certificate.

Each stone is applied by hand and sometimes a stone can fall off. This can be due to several factors such as the glue drying out or if water has come in contact with the stones. Stones and screws are unfortunately not covered by the warranty but is not expensive to repair with a watchmaker. Dialando, of course, think that stones should last more than 3 months and therefore give our customers a 10 EUR credit for up to 3 stones that come loose within 3 months if you send us the receipt of repair. Email our support for more information.

If your watch arrives damaged or is delivered with a missing stone already, then please contact us immediately.

The second hand does not tick but the watch is still running?

If the watch works but the second hand is stationary, the watch can have a chronograph and then the second hand is a timer clock.

The timer starts when you press the button at 2 o'clock.

You stop the chronograph by pressing the same button and then reset the chronograph by pressing the button at 4 o'clock.

The chronograph should not normally be running constantly as the battery runs out faster.

Most watches have a second hand for the usual time in one of the smaller dials, it can not be turned off without pulling out the crown.

Water safety

Before you start using your watch, it is important that you look at the back of the watch to see how water resistant it is and read the information below.

The term "waterproof" is no longer used as it can be misleading. Watches can withstand water in varying amounts. Water resistance means the extent to which the watch can get wet, or withstand the pressure created by certain amounts of water. The units used are ATM, Bar, M (meters) or FT (feet) referring to the degree of pressure tests. These figures explain the amount of pressure the watch is designed to withstand and do not mean depth, although this is a common misconception. It is therefore impossible to dive 30 meters below the surface with a watch marked with 3 ATM (30m). Such a watch can only withstand water splashes. It is important to remember that water resistance is measured in a static or immobile state under cold conditions. It does not take into account that the pressure increases with any movement. When you swim, for example, you put pressure on the watch simply by moving in the water.

Water damage to your watch is only covered by the warranty if your watch is 10 ATM or above. Remember to check that the rubber gasket has not dried out from time to time. Drying of the rubber gasket takes place naturally after a certain time, Exposure to chlorine, salt water or soap can also dry out the gasket and then the watch can allow in water. You should therefore have the gasket changed annually, a cost that the consumer takes responsibility for.

NOTE! Do not use your watch in a hot shower, sauna or hot bath in a bathtub as it may affect the gasket and most watches are not suitable for steam and heat. Condensation can occur, even in watches that are 10 ATM and above! Sudden temperature changes can cause negative pressure in the watch, which then causes condensation. If this occurs, you can see liquid inside the glass. If the liquid is no longer visible, it does not mean that the humidity has disappeared. The watch must be returned to a watchmaker as soon as possible, who can remove the moisture.

The moisture can penetrate into the movement itself and the watch can then break. Not even watches marked with 10 or 20 ATM are protected against temperature changes. For example, condensation can occur if you go from minus degrees outdoors to high indoor temperature or if you keep the watch in the bathroom while the shower is used. When this occurs,it is not necessarily a manufacturing defect, and therefore can not necessarily be covered by the garauntee. This is up to each individual manufacturer.

The device listed may look different in different parts of the world or on different models and pages on the internet. An example could be that 30 meters = 3ATM = 3BAR = 100ft all have the same meaning as 1000mm = 100cm = 10dm = 1m is actually the same dimension.

The watch is marked on the back with the water safety it can handle.

What is a chronograph and how I can calibrate it?

A chronograph is simply a timer clock.

You can see that a watch has a chronograph by checking to see if it has two extra buttons next to the crown (the part you pull out to change the clock) and that there are several small dials on the main dial with small hands. The button at 2 o'clock (upper) is the start and stop button, also called the A button. Press the button once, then you will see that one of the small hands starts. Press the same button again to stop it. After using the chronograph, it should be reset, you do this easily by pressing the button at 4 o'clock (lower), also called the B button. Then you will see how the hands jump or spin quickly back to the reset position.

Note that the large second hand is not always the one that shows the time! Some models have a chronograph there instead. If this is the case, then the large second hand should remain still. You can usually see that a small hand in one of the small dials is always ticking. It is then the real second hand. Keep in mind that the battery drains faster when the chronograph is running.

Sometimes the chronograph can reset at an angle, but there is nothing wrong with your watch, it only needs to be calibrated. It is usually very easy to calibrate the chronograph, but if you feel that it is too difficult, you are warmly welcome to contact our support or go to your local watchmaker.

To calibrate the chronograph, you first need to make sure the chronograph is reset by pressing the B button. Then pull out the crown to the outermost position. Then you can use the A and B buttons to click on the chronograph's hands so that they all point to 0 or 12 depending on the design of the watch.

Different brands and models have different approaches to calibration, but most often the A button moves the pointer forward and the B button moves it backwards. On some watches, it works slightly differently. For example, press the A button to set the first hand, when you set it correctly, press the B button to change which hand you change with the A button. When you have finished calibrating, just push the crown all the way in again and now the chronograph is in its new reset position.

You can go to a watch shop that sells the same brand and ask a watchmaker if you are unsure of what to do with your particular model.


Bracelets are not covered by the warranty from the watch manufacturer, see the warranty booklet that is in the box the watch was delivered in.

Discolorations, wear, defects in the locking mechanism, pins and links are not covered by your warranty.

Of course, we are delighted to assist you if your watch arrives damaged upon delivery, but you must contact us immediately if this is the case. Please note that the watch must be unused and the protective plastic must remain on the watch in order for us to be able to assist you with a broken bracelet.

We can not accept responsibility for watches that are returned "as new", but are actually used.

Order & Payment

I have ordered, but have not received any confirmation

Thank you for your order!

If you haven’t received any confirmation via email or text message (SMS), please contact us at Dialando's support. We are pleased to assist you with this and any other matter that should concern you!.

One common possibility for not having received a confirmation is that you perhaps provided us with an incorrect email address when you initially made the order. Otherwise, be sure to check your spam folder in case it somehow ended up there!

How do I use my discount code?

If you have received a discount code, you will be able to add it at the checkout. Kindly note that it's not possible to combine two or more discount codes.

To use the code, simply click "Add a coupon" in your shopping cart, type in the code, and click "add coupon". The shopping cart will automatically appear when you add a product to the cart.

Then you can proceed with checkout as usual.

Shipping and delivery

Stock items / Order items

Stock items:

If you have ordered one or more items which are already in stock, they can be sent on the same or the following work day, depending on the time of the day in which you've placed the order.

Order items:

If you have purchased an item that is out of stock, it generally takes 2-3 working days to receive it in our warehouse. Note: It can sometimes take longer, but often items are delivered to you within 7 working days.

Stock & Order items:

If you have purchased more than one item, one of which is in stock, while the others are not in stock, your order will be sent to you when the out of stock item arrives at our warehouse and the order is complete.

Shipping, tracking and delivery

The delivery of your purchase is always free of charge when you place an order with us of minimum 75 EUR,

Generally, packages are sent from our warehouse in Germany or Sweden with the services of UPS or DPD

The total delivery time of the order depends on whether your order is already in stock in our warehouse or if we must special order it in connection with your order. It usually requires 2-3 business days for a package to arrive at your nearest collection point from the time that we have sent it out, but we cannot be responsible for any delays that occur within the UPS/DPD organisation.

When a product is sent from our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation text (SMS) to your telephone along with a tracking number so that you can track your package. UPS/DPD then notifies you when the package has arrived at the collection point or will be delivered to your door.

Uncollected packages

For packages which have not been collected, we reserve the right to charge for return shipping with a handling fee of 20 EUR.

The order will be automatically canceled if the package is returned to us as not picked up. 20 EUR will be deducted from the invoice before it is credited.

If you wish to have your package sent out to you again, you should contact our customer service to get a link as to where and how you can pay the additional delivery fee. However, this must be done BEFORE the package has been returned. Otherwise, the order must be reordered completely.


We do our best to expedite delivery as soon as possible but sometimes delays can unfortunately occur. Therefore, we do not guarantee delivery to any specific day.

If a product cannot be delivered within the time limits specified, we will contact you and inform you of the delay. When your delayed product has reached us, it is prioritized in the packaging and sent to you as soon as possible.

If an order should be delayed, your invoice will not be affected as our invoices are sent out via email on the same day as your order is sent from our warehouse.

Withdrawal & Returns

What does the right of withdrawal mean?

We are grateful for every order placed with us, but we understand that sometimes you wish to cancel your purchase due to a variety of reasons.

In this case, we apply the Distance Trading Act, (otherwise known as The Right of Withdrawal) which simply put means that you have the right to a full cancellation within 14-days, the only requirement being that you contact our customer support within these 14 days.

Cancellation rights do not apply towards:

  • Watches which have been used in any way so that there have been marks or damage. We can not accept or take responsibility for this.
  • Watches whose bracelet links have been adjusted.
  • Watches that you have repaired or changed, in any way.
  • Intimate products that do not have special sealing, such as earrings.

(This does not apply towards items which have been damaged upon delivery.)

I regret my purchase, what can I do now?

Email our customer service to let us know that you would like to cancel your order and return your product. Always state your order number.

Once you have emailed us your request to return your product, we will supply you with all of the necessary information required to return the item back to us.

We will send you a document to print out in order to process your return,

  1. A Return Note, explaining why your order is being returned and all of the order details 

It is important that you place the Return Note inside the parcel with your return so that our warehouse gets the correct information.

Remember to send back all of the documents, such as the original warranty certificate, box, etc. with the item.

Products that are returned without any form of contact and approval from our customer service, we can not take responsibility for.

Do not let your package be returned automatically. If the package is not picked up in time it will be returned to us and an additional cost of 20 EUR will be applied. If you wish to have your package sent out to you again, you need to contact our customer service to get a link as to where and how you can pay the additional delivery fee. However, this must be done BEFORE the package has been returned. Otherwise, the order must be reordered completely.

How do I stop my order?

If you have placed an order that you want to cancel prior to receiving it and you have not yet received a notification that it has been sent, you need to email our customer service as soon as possible.

Our customer service can stop the shipping process and cancel your purchase.

No fees will be added.

What can i do if I have received the wrong item?

Sometimes mistakes can occur, but don't worry.

Whether you mistakenly ordered the wrong product, or whether our warehouse has mistakenly packed the wrong model. Perhaps an item was labeled incorrectly, you should contact our customer serviceimmediately.

In order for us to understand what has been wrongly sent, we ask that you send us an email and include photos of the product and label. That way we can help you as quickly as possible.

NOTE! Some colors can be difficult to capture in an image due to the need to use flash, etc., so there may be some differences between the color of the image and the color of the product in real life.

Who pays for return shipping?

If you regret your purchase or ordered the wrong item, you are responsible for the shipping fee yourself.

If we have sent the wrong product or if it is broken when you receive it, you can use our Return Shipping Label free of charge. Kindly note that we can not be held responsible for any costs if you yourself choose to buy a shipping label from another shipping company even though we have emailed you our prepaid Return Shipping Label to use for free.

Should you need to send a product for repair at a later stage, we will take responsibility for the shipping fee if the repair is under warranty. The same Return Shipping Label will be emailed to you.

If you yourself have caused damage to the product or have a defect that is not covered by your warranty, you are responsible for the costs of shipping plus any repair costs.

How is the refund made?

Once we have received your return and it has been processed in our warehouse, your order will be credited.

We ensure that your invoice at Klarna is canceled. Remember that if you use our Return Shipping Label, the cost of this will remain on the invoice. If you have already paid, you will be refunded to the same account from which the money was deducted within a couple of working days.

We recommend that you contact Klarna if you have further questions about your payment as our access to your credit information is limited.

If you have purchased your item through one of our partners, we will contact them and ask them to refund/cancel the invoice.

Warranty and Complaints

More information about warranty you will find here

What does the guarantee cover?

Warranty is a voluntarily, extra coverage that the manufacturer offers. Most products come with a 2-year warranty.

During the warranty period the watch movement, hands, and dial are the only components covered. A covered component will be repaired or the watch will be replaced free of component and labor charges if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use.

The Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Any defects in materials and workmanship of battery, case, crystal, plastic-, rubber-, leather-, metal-, or ceramic straps, bracelet, clasp, or screws; including plating on the case and/or bracelet.
  • Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, external influence, normal wear, and tear or aging. Including improper handling of crown and buttons.
  • Water damage if care instructions for the product’s water-resistance level (as marked on the product) were not followed. Water-resistant watches are marked with 10 or more ATM.

The warranty is void if the watch has been damaged by accident, negligence of persons other than authorized services agents, unauthorized service, or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship. 

The warranty can differ between manufacturers so make sure to read the warranty/instruction booklet that comes with the watch thoroughly.

What is the difference between a Warranty and a Legal Guarantee?

Warranty and Legal Guarantee are two different things.

Warranty is voluntary and can be seen as a complement to the rights you already have under consumer law. The Legal Garauntee varies from country to country and is usually 2-3 years.

To see how your country applies the Legal Garauntee, feel free to check under the following link:

Most countries in EU apply the same or similar regulations and we have summarized them here: If there is something faulty with your purchase, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. You must make a formal complaint within two months of the discovery of the defect in order for it to be processed.

You can complain about any defects that appear on an item. But we are only responsible for the defect if it is deemed original, that is to say, the defect was already present in the product when you received it.

An error that is due to negligence, abnormal use (handling error), accidents or similar situations, we can not be held responsible for.

Defects that appear within six months after the product has been delivered are assumed to have existed at the time of delivery, unless otherwise stated. If the error only appears later, the burden of proof lies with the consumer to prove that the error already existed at the time of delivery,

We have the right to try to fix the problem as we see fit. This means that we must be given the opportunity to repair the product or deliver another product of equal value. You can therefore not demand a cancellation and demand your money back without having first given us a chance to solve the problem and that we exhausted every means to resolve the problem without success.

My watch is broken/damaged, what should I do?

Damaged upon arrival:

If your watch is damaged or some function of it does not work properly upon delivery, we will of course send out a brand new one if the model is still available. Alternatively, you will be fully refunded. Watches that have stopped usually only require a new battery and our customer service usually always suggests that you simply replace the battery. We will, of course, reimburse the cost of the battery replacement if the watch stops within 14 days of receiving it. Again, the reason why batteries can run out so quickly is because a battery is inserted when the watch is manufactured and it may then have been in a warehouse for a long time, etc. before it ends up in the hands of a customer.

Damaged after arrival:

If, after a period of use, you need to exercise your guarantee or right of complaint, we ask that you contact our customer service so that we can ascertain what should be done in order to help you as smoothly as possible. If the damage is visible, we will require a photo of the product so that we can help you in the most efficient way. Remember to take a picture with good focus so that we can see the damage clearly. Otherwise, we can not see the damage properly. If you discover a defect in your product and nevertheless continue to use it, we can unfortunately not be held responsible for any damage this may cause.

We have our own in house watchmaker/specialist and when a warranty repair of your watch has been approved by our claims adjuster, you will be asked to send the watch to us. When we have received the return, you will receive an automatic notification and we will then take photos of the watch for documentation before we send it to our watchmaker who will perform the repair.

You will then receive a text and an email when the watch has been repaired and is on its way back to you. The repair time varies depending on the fault on the watch and how much workload the watchmaker has at the moment, but normally this process takes about 5-7 weeks.

Should it become apparent that the defect is not covered by your warranty/right of complaint or is due to external influences, we will contact you before the repair is carried out and we may charge you for the shipping and handling costs incurred. We do not send any updates during the repair, you will be contacted again when the product has been repaired and returned or if there are any delays.

How do I register my warranty?

With every purchase of a product with minimum 2-year warranty, we include our own warranty card.

On the card, you will find instructions on how to register your product on our website to get a warranty number.

Once you have received this number by email you can write it on the card and keep it in the box that the watch came in. This is useful to have in case you want to sell your watch or give it away as a gift during the warranty period so that we know that the watch has been purchased from us.  

If you need to make a warranty claim within the warranty period you can contact our customer support and give them the warranty number as identification along with a description of what you need assistance with.  

HERE you can register your product!